EquiCarbon - The Equitable Carbon Management Consortium

To facilitate community-based environmental stewardship, Smartinnova (SMI) and its partners active in leading edge carbon development initiatives on 4 continents, a consortium of professionals sharing a common vision on how communities can move to a more sustainable principle-based development model.

EquiCarbon represents a world-wide network of companies and consultants bring along key contacts with an impressive reach to address many aspects of climate change mitigation efforts across the planet.

EquiCarbon members respectfully promote and use principles of action-learning, appropriate technology, environmental stewardship and community self-empowerment as important elements in their work.

Through its world-wide network, EquiCarbon continues to identify a growing number of carbon offset projects and moves them from Project Idea Note (PIN) stage to Project Design Document (PDD) stage in collaboration with project participants and submits them to hard (regulated) and soft (voluntary) carbon credit buyers.

Ultimately, beyond providing self-empowerment, carbon credits or technology, SMI's goal is to contribute to a global society that provides true social and economic prosperity, for all people.

Contact: projects [at] smartinnova.com